J. S. Gräfenberg

Ex-registered companion, self-described "Professor of Pleasure"



  • Allure (Major) – +2 step Skill die bonus on all actions keyed to appearance and any Plot Points spent on such actions are improved as if you had spent 2 additional points.
  • Friends in High Places (Minor) – Once per session, you can spend 1 or more Plot Points to call in a favor or secure a quick loan.
  • Highly Educated (Minor) – You gain a +2 step Attribute bonus to Intelligence for any Knowledge-based Skill roll when you try to recall some information.
  • Mean Left Hook (Minor) – Your unarmed attacks inflict Basic damage (split between Stun and Wound) instead of Stun.
  • Steady Calm (Major) – You are never rattled unless extreme or unusual circumstances apply.


  • Branded (Minor) – Companion Agency – –2 step Skill penalty to any social interaction when the story of your terrible misdeeds comes into play
  • Credo (Minor) – Never without his tools.
  • Easy Mark (Major) – In situations where you are attempting to distinguish the truth from lies, you suffer a –4 step Mental Attribute penalty.
  • Leaky Brainpan (Minor) – –2 step Skill penalty to Influence-based social interactions.
  • Memorable (Minor) – Others gain a +2 step Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness.

Agility – d10
Strength – d6
Vitality – d4
Alertness – d4
Intelligence – d6
Willpower – d10

Initiative: d10+d4
Life Points: 14
Plot Points: 6/12

Artistry – d6
Athletics – d6
Discipline – d6
-Concentration – d10
Influence – d6
-Counseling – d10
-Seduction – d10
Knowledge – d6
Linguist – d6
Performance – d6
Unarmed Combat – d6
-Boxing – d8

-Personal Cortex Terminal (100c)
-Encyclopedia (60c)
-Bag of Specialist Tools (200c)
-Gold Multiband (150c)
-Designer Clothing (150c)
-90 credits


J. S. Gräfenberg

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