Thorvald Keyes

Hobbies include: Saving people from their own dumbassery


int d10
alert d8
will d10
agi d8
str d6
vitality d6

life points 14
initiative 14

steady calm (major): Some situations shake up normal folk and have
them pissin’ themselves, but not you. You keep a
clear head while all around you are losing theirs.
Benefit: As a Major Trait, you are never rattled
unless extreme or unusual circumstances apply (such
as the influence of drugs, terrifying nightmares, etc.).

Memorable: You’re easily identified. Others gain a
+2 step Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting
to spot you or recognize your likeness.

Things dont go smooth (major): Bad luck follows you around.
Coincidences never work in your favor. Once per
session, the GM can force you to re-roll an action
and take the lowest of the two results. As a Major
Trait, the GM can make you re-roll two actions per

Credo (major): Better have a daaamn good reason for not patching up someones wounds. Even (especially) when you are the one who caused them.

athletics: d4
covert d4
discipline d6
guns d4
influence d6
knowledge d6
Medical expertise d6
spec trauma surgery d12
spec general practice d8
perception d6
scientific expertise d4
survival d2
technical engineering d4
unarmed combat d2

multiband, ballistic mesh, utility knife, pistol, 3 flashbang grenades, encyclopedia (medical,databook), doctor’s bag (medacad), data library subscription, 5 immunization packets, roll of patch tape. duffel bag of clothes (jeans, tees, sweaters), leather jacket. $340.2


Thorvald was born on the planet Santo, playground of the rich and famous, to a family in one of its many service industries. Despite his families relative poverty, his education on Santo was pretty good, and thorvald an exceptional student. After graduation from primary education, His families employer offered him a scholarship to study medicine on Osiris, in return for a 10 year contract as an on call physician in his resort. Despite somewhat oppressive terms for him and his family, he took the scholarship.

During his time at University, whispers of war reached the students’ ears. Osiris was essentially untouchable, but when war reached Santo during Thorvald’s first year of residency, he felt compelled to return home. After Hitching a ride, he found his home resort in chaos, the seperatists having instigated an uprising against the resort owners. In order to protect his family, he joined a browncoat squad as a medic, and helped push back the security forces.

As the war dragged on, Thorvald got to see more of the verse than he had ever planned on. On the planet Verbena, near the end of the war, his crew happened to be nearby when a ranking alliance captain was caught in a bombing. When the browncoats moved in, Thorvald refused to allow the prisoners summary execution, and insisted on treating the victims. His actions lost him some of his friends amongst the seperatists, but gained him a reputation for honor, alongside a few friends in the alliance.

In the years since the war, Thorvald has bounced from crew to crew, roaming the ‘verse, working as a doctor for hire. He doesn’t talk much of his service in the war, but occasionally, veterans from both sides recognize the name, for good or ill. For reasons he cant quite figure out for himself, he tries to avoid returning to Santo, or really, any news of his homeworld at all.

Thorvald Keyes

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